About Us

Have you ever faced a situation where two lighting setups had identical specifications, but looked completely different?

Have you ever wished for an easier way to incorporate famous lighting designs from around the world into your own designs?

Have you ever wanted a way to quickly export detailed reports — without the headache?

With Spectrum Genius, you now you have the answer to all of these questions, and more! Using Lighting Passport, the world’s premiere handheld spectrometer, we gathered and compiled actual lighting data from some of the world’s most famous locations using actual on-site measurements, allowing you to clearly see why lighting with the same color temperature specifications can actually result in dramatically different lighting effects.

Spectrum Genius also gives you access to a premium collection of actual lighting data from some of the most influential designs around the world. This valuable data can be used to analyze and identify lighting preferences of key market segments in specific countries and regions, allowing you to achieve a truly localized lighting design and sales strategy like never before. Moreover, Spectrum Genius offers a powerful and highly intuitive platform for searching for and promoting various lighting fixtures and accessories. In addition to viewing actual measured specifications and observing the visual effects of various lighting fixtures, our dedicated website enables you to access a range of useful charts and metrics collected through Lighting Passport, including lighting spectrums, specific R1–R15 values, TM-30, color coordinates, SDCM, and more. This comprehensive data and reference information not only makes it easier to efficiently analyze, compare, and select lighting sources, but also increases the precision and reliability of technical data used to advertise lighting products.

Currently, the team behind Spectrum Genius also has plans in the works to launch a series of cloud-based services to provide lighting industry insiders with a convenient platform for finding information, collaborating, and comparing notes.