【Lighting Knowledge】Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Jun 29, 2016

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Effect of an illuminant on the color appearance of objects by conscious or subconscious comparison with their color appearance under a reference illuminant.


cri 01

Average color rendering index (Ra):

This is the average of the color rendering index of 8 colors (R1 ~ R8).

Special color rendering index:

Strong red (R9), Strong yellow (R10), Strong green (R11), Strong blue (R12), Caucasian skin color (R13), Moderate olive green (leaf) (R14), Asian skin color (R15)

Light sourceCRICCT (K)
Incandescent/halogen bulb1003200K
Ceramic metal halide965400K
Tri-phosphor cool-white fluorescent894080K
Quartz metal halide854200K
"White" SON822700K
Halophosphate cool-daylight fluorescent766430K
Tri-phosphor warm-white fluorescent732940K
Halophosphate cool-white fluorescent644230K
Halophosphate warm-white fluorescent512940K
Coated mercury-vapor493600K
High-pressure sodium (HPS/SON)242100K
Clear mercury-vapor176400K

Actuality Application:

cri 02 High CRI – Color Saturation and Vivid

cri 03 Low CRI – Color Unsaturation and Dull