Spectrum Genius Cloud:Multi-Record Reports
Jun 20, 2018

Asensetek is excited to announce that a new feature for Spectrum Genius Cloud was launched during the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition! “Multi-Record Reports” allows users to export multiple measurement records synced in the cloud into a single online report printout — users can even add a personal design or company logo and custom watermarks into their reports.

Printing out Multi-Record Reports is an easy way to create spectrum comparisons and other assorted charts with max values, min values, and average values for numerous parameters. By quickly combining large amounts of data into a single intuitive report, you can save time and communicate more effectively with your clients. To enjoy this useful new feature, simply follow the steps below to begin exporting your very own reports!

1. Select multiple measurement records you want to print out.

2.Tap on “Export Report”.

3. After specifying a name for the report and uploading a custom picture, tap on “Print”.

For the best user experience, it is recommended that you operate on your computer.