4. Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Data Is Our Number One Priority

Asensetek’s cloud service (SpectrumGenius.com) is powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). As one of the world’s leading cloud service platforms, AWS is certified by the International Computer Room Experts Association (ICREA) and backed by various data security certifications. Strict security measures are also in place for all cloud infrastructure to protect customers’ privacy.

All data is stored in high-security AWS datacenters to prevent user data from being compromised by hackers, ensuring users can browse our site with confidence knowing that their data is safe.

Meanwhile, various security mechanisms provided by the AWS platform are also adopted, including a firewall, traffic encryption, and data encryption, to further reinforce privacy protections and maintain control over data transmitted through the internet. Numerous well-known companies use AWS to handle their cloud services, including SEGA, 3M, Netflix, Airbnb, and Air Asia.

SSL Authentication Provides Maximum Encryption Security

All transaction data transmitted through our cloud service is encrypted using SSL authentication with powerful SHA2 and 2048-bit encryption, the most powerful encryption technology on the market. All user data sent over the internet is transmitted through a secure channel and encrypted upon being received in the cloud, ensuring that sensitive customer data is secured to prevent breaches by hackers.

Passwords Are Hashed and Salted for Maximum Security

All user passwords are encrypted using composite hashing and are saved in a secure database using a salting method generated via a randomizing algorithm. This greatly increases the security of saved passwords because the addition of randomized characters into saved passwords based on specified rules increases the length of passwords and includes strings of randomized characters, making them much more difficult for a hacker to breach.

Full-Fledged Data Backup System

The Spectrum Genius Cloud Service utilizes a robust third-party data storage and backup system to ensure the security of user data. ​The system syncs server data to a separate backup datacenter in a different location so that, in the event that the server is hit by an attack and data is altered or deleted, all backed up user data can be recovered in real-time and the website’s functionality can be fully restored with minimal downtime.

Protection of Users’ Personal Information
Account names, passwords, e-mail addresses, and other optional personal information provided by users is primarily used to gain insights into market conditions and improve the quality of our cloud services. Information obtained through user experience surveys and related analyses is used to develop and evaluate new services and functionality provided by Asensetek. Except where a user’s prior consent has been obtained or where required by law or for protective purposes, this website will never disclose a user’s personal information to any third party nor use such information for any purpose outside of the scope of collection.

Users Have the Right to Decide Whether Their Data Can Be Made Public or Shared
Unless a user has consented to allow his/her spectrum measurement records to be made public or shared with a third party, such data will never be disclosed to any third party nor used by this website for any purpose outside of the scope collection.

(1) Can I access spectrum data uploaded by other users?

1. Spectrum records which are set to ‘Public’ can be viewed and shared by all users.
2. If your spectrum record is marked as ‘Private’, only you will be able to access it.

By default, all spectrum records are set to Private, meaning that only you will be able to access them. No other user will ever be allowed to view your spectrum data without your express permission.

(2) Notice to All Users

Please carefully read the Term of Use and Privacy Policy provided on this page.

By continuing to use this service (“Service”), you affirm that you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions, including any revisions which may be made from time to time. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, you must discontinue your use of the Service immediately.